Welcome to all English speaking surfers who entered our web site by accident and who want to know what this site is about. We are producing compact discs for artists mainly from the Berlin Brandenburg area in Germany. We are offering all services for CD production except the marketing. It is a service for  those artists who want to offer their CD to their audience during a public performance.
The homepage contains galeries of our CDs, lists and portraits of our artists and advertisements for concerts.

profile berlin -  Gesellschaft für Musikproduktionen und Musikveranstaltungen GbR
              Bernd Waniewski & Peter - Michael Hofmann
              Beymestr. 2 - 12167 Berlin
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Tel.: +49 30 797 09 166
Tel. mobile:+49 1577 14 13 27 6, FAX  +49 30 797 09 165
Tel.: +49 30 817 45 69 (P.-M. Hofmann)
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